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UV Ativator DIO Implant

Trate a superfície do seu implante com DIO UV Activator!

Esta tecnologia permite remover contaminantes na superfície do implante através do efeito fotocatalítico da radiação UV.
Ajuda na acção anti bacteriana e torna a superfície do implante super hidrófila, tornando-o super absorvente!!!

UV irradiation can effectively eliminate the hydrocarbon contamination accompanying the evolution of nanostructures and further enhance the osseointegration. Nanostructures and UV treatment have combined effects in enhancing the interfacial strength between titanium and bone, while UV photofunctionalization has much more overwhelming effects on histologic and histomorphometric performance.

Also demonstrated that a bone-implant contact increase from 53.0% to 98.2%, which can be achieved by photofunctionalization, improves distribution and diffusion of periimplant stress more effectively than using longer implants, providing a potential novel strategy to counteract stress-induced periimplant marginal bone loss.

Despite the more frequent use of shorter and smaller-diameter implants in the study, the use of photofunctionalization allowed for a faster loading protocol without compromising the success rate. The outcome was associated with an increased rate of implant stability development. The results suggest that photofunctionalization may provide a novel and practical avenue to further advance implant therapy.

Photofunctionalization expedited and enhanced osseointegration of commercial dental implants in various clinically challenging/compromised bone conditions. Photofunctionalization resulted in preservation--and often a gain--of marginal bone level.

The biologically enhancing effect to photocatalytically activated surfaces remained even after 12 weeks of healing time in terms of genetic responses.

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